Family Law Matters are Matters of the Heart

Helping clients navigate a confusing legal system during complicated and emotional life transitions


Whether you are considering an uncontested divorce or a traditional divorce Maine Family Legal can help navigate the divorce process in an affordable and timely manner.  When dealing with the emotionally charged issue of divorce it is important to have a lawyer who will advocate for you needs and inform you of all your options.

Child Support

Maine Family Legal can advocate for your interests whether you are paying too much or receiving too little support. Maine law allows for changes in support when there is a "substantial change of circumstances."  We can help determine if a modification is an option to provide for the needs of the child(ren).

Child Custody and Visitation

Maine Family Legal will help clients resolve child custody and visitation concerns.  Under Maine law, visitation rights do not depend on marital status and visitation rights are not linked to the payment of child support.  In matters of child custody and visitation, having the right attorney can make all the difference.

Premartial Agreements / Prenups

A marital agreement (pre-nup), is a contractual way to address issues in a marriage that would otherwise be determined by state law. A martial agreement gives a way to control your personal and finacial affairs during or after your marriage.  Marital agreements that are not drafted properly may not be enforceable when needed so it is important to have the right attorney draft a proper agreement.

Grandparents' Rights

In Maine, reasonable visitation rights can be granted to a non-parent or grandparent who has a sufficient relationship with a child and has an interest in the welfare of the child.  Maine Family Legal can advise grandparents regarding the challenges in getting access to grandchildren and/or protecting them from a troubled home environment.

Protection from Abuse and Stalking

Whether you need to protect yourself or a loved one from an abusive partner or feel that you have been wrongly accused of violence or abuse, Maine Family Legal can help you understand your options and take action. If you are dealing with an abusive spouse or partner you have legal options for protecting yourself. Any accusation of domestic abuse or violence needs to be taken seriously. However there are times when individuals are wrongfully accused and need to be cleared.

Guardian ad Litem

The role of a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is to complete an independent inquiry and provide recommendations to the court as to the best interest of a child. A GAL is not a decision maker and the court ultimately determines the outcome of any case. A GAL is restricted by the court order to who they can speak to and how much time they may spend on the inquiry. Because of the restrictions placed upon a GAL it is important for a GAL to be fair, efficient, and balanced in order to provide the court with the information they are seeking in a timely and affordable manner.


If you are are looking to establish a legal parental relationship with a child or questioning whether your partner has or could establish legal rights as to a child it is important to speak with an attorney who understands the paths to parentage. In Maine the word parentage is considered a legal term and does not necessarily relate to biology. Individuals who have a sufficient relationship with a child may be considered a legal parent to a child in Maine. Children in Maine may even have more than two legal parents or in some situations people are automatically considered parents.


Mediation is often a required process for divorce and parental rights cases in Maine. Successful mediation allows parties to create their own agreements and couples who mediate their divorce settlement have better long term success and find greater satisfaction than those who go to trial. Mediation has the added benefit of lower costs and being quicker than going to trial. Finally couples who engage in mediation learn skills to help them resolve future conflicts.